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Benefits of Studying mbbs in O.O Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University
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When it comes to choosing a career it is one of the toughest decisions, and when it comes to choosing a college it is even more tiring to find the best one and to choose among many options provided. For students want to pursue a career in MBBS it becomes very important to choose best University to study from.
In this article, we would bring to you the benefits of joining MBBS in Bogomolotes National Medical University. O.O Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University is one of the most trusted MBBS University in Ukraine. It is one of the oldest MBBS University Ukraine and Europe.
There are numerous benefits of joining the Medical course in O.O Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University. We will try to cover a maximum number of advantages for Indian students in O.O Bogomolets as we proceed further.

O.O Bogomolets is the oldest university in Ukraine

O.O Bogomolets National Medical University is one of the oldest and most renowned MBBS College in Ukraine. It is also among the first few universities established in whole Europe. Hence the university is well known and being accepted by other European countries as well.

O.O Bogomolets is a government University of Ukraine

Bogomolets University in Ukraine is a government university and hence the quality of education is very high and MBBS fee in O.O Bogomolets University is very low. Being a National University acceptance of degree across Ukraine and Europe is extremely high.

MCI Approved university

O.O Bogomolets National Medical University is MCI approved and a majority of students passing from the university are able to pass screening test by MCI in India. Hence studying MBBS from this university helps students shape up their future for working in Indian hospitals and other institutions.

Globally recognized degree

MBBS professionals passing from the university are accepted globally by UNESCO, WHO, ECFMG, DAAD, Medical Board of California and many others. Students passing from the university get the opportunity to work globally as the MBBS degree is accredited by all top institutions of the world. Most of the students with MBBS degree from O.O Bogomolets National Medical University are working with reputed government and private organizations around the world.

Largest Hospital

The university boasts to have one of the largest Hospital in Kiev which is also used for practical teaching purposes for their students. There are more than 8000 beds under Faculty of Medicine and 300 seats under Faculty of Dentistry. The O.O Bogomolets Hospital treats more than 3,50,000 patients from across the world.
The hospital is located in the heart of the city and sees a major number of foreign patients as well. It is equipped with all latest technological equipments for various operations.
Students studying at the university are given training in the hospital for practical exposure and skill enhancements. This gives an opportunity to students to work with one of the top hospitals in the Europe.

Enormous Scientific Lab

O.O Bogomolets National Medical University has an enormous scientific laboratory to perform various scientific researches in Medicine. Many world renowned scientists are associated with the laboratory and perform new developments all time. Students are allowed to assist their professors and scientists in various research and development projects being held in the laboratory.

Study Scholarship

Scholarship in O.O Bogomolets National Medical University – Bogomolets university offer scholarships to Indian students on basis of merits and performance in tests which makes studying MBBS in Ukraine very economical and even free in some cases.

Part time Job option

Part Time job in Ukraine – Indian students are allowed to do part time job in restaurants, shopping outlets, which helps students earn and manage their own expenses in the city. Most of the students earn so much of money from part time job that they are able to fund their own fees and regular expenses in a while.

Connectivity of India with Kiev, Ukraine

There is a direct flight from India to Kiev. There are around 10 hours direct flight from New Delhi to Kiev (Ukraine). This makes reaching Bogomolets NMU very accessible and easy to commute. Hence it makes easy for students to visit India. Even parents feel it comfortable to visit their students in a while as desired.

International students

More than 1500 international students including many Indian students are studying in O.O Bogomolets every year. There is a large community of Indian students in Kiev which makes it easy for Indian students to adjust in the city.

Preference to Indian Students

O.O Bogomolets University prefers Indian students while giving admission in their university due to better results by Indian students.

Indian festivals celebration in Kiev

Many Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi are also being celebrated in the University. It gives a major platform for Indian students to interact with other Indian and international students.

Permanent residency in Ukraine

Studying from O.O Bogomolets also opens the door for Indian students to opt for permanent residency in Ukraine and practice in the country itself.

Indian Food in Ukraine

Indian students are served especially cooked Indian food as per their taste in the university canteen. University has recruited Indian chefs to provide tasty and hygienic food for Indian students in Ukraine.

Great infrastructure of Kiev

Studying MBBS in Kiev has many advantages as being a capital it is the most developed city of the country, Kiev is home to many top industries of the world and has the most prominent infrastructure.

University Hostel for students

O.O Bogomolets University has its own hostel for students, who are provided great facilities in lowest fees. Hence students need not incur high rental expenses in Kiev.

Live in European lifestyle

Students studying in Kiev, Ukraine enjoy living European lifestyle at very low cost. There are many recreational options like restaurants, theatres, beaches and parks for students to enjoy the leisure time.

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