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Russia for Education MBBS
Russia for Education MBBS

Russia is a very beautiful country and is always on the hot list of tourists from all around the world. The country has many stunning Islands, a well known Lake Baikal, mountains and many cultural and historical heritage. Russia is the largest country in the world and the most populated country also. It is a part of USSR and is an important member of many international organisations like G20, United Nations Security Council, APEC etc.
Russia has an abundance of natural resources of energy and mineral. IT is one of the largest producers of crude oils and natural gas. The country also enjoys the power of the Nuclear weapon and is a major manufacturer and supplier of destructive Arms and Ammunitions to other countries.
The country measures the farthest boundary to about 8000 Kilometres far, Pacific and the Arctic Ocean shares a huge boundary of about 37000 kilometres.
The country is rich in flora and fauna, a large part of Russia is covered with grasslands and dense forests. The country also has a largest Lake Baikal which has more than one fifth of world’s pure drinkable water.

Living in Russia –

Russians enjoy a quality life in the country, there are numerous options of hangouts, restaurants, movies, clubs, etc. Russia does not only have European architecture but they also live a European lifestyle. Though Russia is far cheaper than other countries like USA, UK. Most of the parts of Russia sees a snowfall and moderate winters throughout the year.
The most important aspect in Russian society is that both Men and Women enjoy the same status in the country, and there is no discrimination in the country on the basis of gender, race or colour. Hence both men and women not only from Russia but other countries never face any problem in the country. Russian streets are as safe in the night as in the day time.
Russia is ranked 6th for being the most preferred spot for higher education by foreign students from all around the world.
Residents of the country are very warm in nature and always welcome foreigners in their society, due to this reason it is very easy for students and professionals to study, work and settle in Russia.

Education and Culture in Russia –

The government of Russia has always emphasised over the education of fellow residents for both personal and economic growth of the country. The country has developed many researchers and scientists who are globally recognised. This is the reason most of the scientific developments are evolved from Russia and there is as high as 99.7% literacy rate in Russia. For this purpose government of Russia has highly subsidised the education from junior to senior level. It is compulsory for children to take minimum junior level education. It is worth to be noted that Russian education system has been ranked 8th best in whole Europe and 13th best in the world.
Russian education system methodology is highly advanced and is also being taken in practice by many other countries.
Russia has a rich Culture and the one most advanced also. Most of the Russians follows Orthodox Christianity, but there are no restrictions over any person living in the country to not follow other religions as well. Anyone in the country can choose to follow any religion by law. Apart from Christianity Islam is majorly followed by the residents and some also practice Hinduism and Buddhism.

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