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Why Study MBBS from Bogomolets National Medical University as Compared to Aiims Delhi ?
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Most of the Indian MBBS aspirants remain in vein due to high medical fees in MBBS colleges in India and fewer seats in Medical colleges in India. In this blog, we would be presenting a world renowned university in Ukraine which offers top notch education with very low fees.
We would be discussing over various parameters and comparison of O.O Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University with AIIMS (India’s top medical college)

Brief Introduction

One of the oldest MBBS University in Ukraine; the O.O Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University exists since 19th sanctuary. The university was founded in the year 1941 and has been serving the nation by carving out best of Medical practitioners and doctors since its existence.
O.O Bogomolets University has been able to educate aspirants from more than 50 countries and create world class medical practitioners counting to more than 85,000 in figures. This includes around 5000 international students as well.
University has a huge campus which can be judged with their anytime strength of around 14,000 students in the campus round the year. More than 1500 international students reside in the campus all time to study MBBS from O.O Bogomolets National Medical University.
ISO 9001:2008 certified; Kiev NMU has been ranked among top MBBS Universities in Ukraine.

What is so special about O.O Bogomolets National Medical University?

The university was brought into existence in the toughest situations of World War II when the need for doctors arose to an alarming level in the country. The university aimed to fulfil the demand of the doctors to serve in the national army and citizens.
In few later years of its existence, the management figured that most of the European countries are in dire need of quality medical practitioners and Kiev NMU has an opportunity to help other countries as well in the tough times. In order to match the European standards, Bogomolets National Medical University in Ukraine became the first university in Ukraine to start imparting education on the standards of Bologna system or European Credit Transfer System methodology.
Sooner many students from other European countries also started visiting the O.o Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University to get a quality education in comparatively very low cost than other European countries.
Ever since then the University has seen a majority of international students in their campus to get the degree of MBBS from O.O Bogomolets University.

Accreditation of O.O Bogomolets University in Ukraine

The university is also known as Kiev National Medical University has been accredited with Level IV authorization, the highest accreditation level by the government of Ukraine (The Ministry of Education and Science).
O.O Bogomolets University also enjoys being a partner of the consortium of European Universities and Magna Charta Universitatum.
Medical Council of India (MCI) accepts the degree from Bogomolets National Medical University. Students passing from O.O Bogomolets National Medical University are allowed to sit in screening test by MCI.
The students passing from the university has made their global presence by working with nearly all global organizations and scientific research facilities. The degree from O.O Bogomolets University is accepted by Medical Council of Canada, Medical Board of California, EUPHA, UNESCO, DAAD, USAID, International Hospital Federations etc.

Infrastructure of Bogomolets National Medical University

This Medical University in Ukraine comprises of more than 1200 expert teaching staffs to serve in 78 Departments in the University. There are 3 faculties and 7 institutes in the enriched campus of Kiev NMU. The University also comprises of 2 research institutes in the campus. Students are engaged in various scientific research programs to contribute to the development of medicinal science in the world.
Teaching staffs hired by the university consists of more than 29 academicians, around 220 doctors, more than 900 candidates of science and around 160 professors.
University boasts to have one of the enormous infrastructures in the country. Faculty of General Medicine comprises of 8400 beds while Faculty of Stomatology has 300 seats. O.O Bogomolets University is one of the most desired locations for Indian students. University teaching hospital treats more than 3,00,000 patients every year under Faculty of Stomatology. While more than 70,000 surgeries are conducted by Faculty of Medicine every year. The Hospital is being visited by the majority of international patients as well due to highly advanced medical care units and lower expenses.
University has been proved best college to do MBBS from Ukraine, there are 8 academic buildings, 28 computer labs, lecture halls, a library with huge collection of international journals. Within the campus includes 6 numbers of dormitories to accommodate all students and a sports complex for the students as well.
University library is considered to be one of biggest in the country with more than 7,00,000 national and international books and journals with electronic print media and subscriptions. The library has the sitting capacity of more than 100 students at a time. There are many computers with internet and subscription of global search engines of research databank to provide the latest news of development in medical science to the students and teachers. Students are allowed to use these computers for their research and development and academic activities freely.

Celebration days and sports activities in O.O Bogomolets National Medical University

Many festivals including Indian festivals are celebrated on the campus of the university. Apart from regular festivals, for recreation, many cultural programs are also conducted at international level in which many students from other countries are also invited as well. University has also created more than 20 professional teams to perform in the cultural events.
Fitness and sports activities are given priority for students to maintain their health and body upkeep. There are more than 15 sports divisions in the campus in which more than 2000 students are allowed to get indulged. University also takes part in several international competitions in which best sportsmen among the current batches take part and represent their college.

Facilities for Indian Students

There is a hostel facility in O.O Bogomolets University campus and Indian students are also served Indian food prepared by Indian chefs. Students also get medical insurance facility which helps them get treatment of any disease if caused during the curriculum.
Students are provided comfortable rooms with all basic facilities like a cozy bed, geyser, study table and chair etc. Foods are prepared delicious and under very hygienic conditions so that there is no chance of any ailment due to food.

Why study MBBS abroad? Why prefer Study in Ukraine?

In India, more than 7,00,000 students apply for NEET to take admission in various MBBS courses. But a very few i.e. less than 8% students only are able to get admissions in the government or private colleges. Remaining approximately 92% of the students are left with no option but to prepare for next year again.
This situation is not recent but has been since decades, and mainly due to very less number of MBBS colleges in India and fewer seats. More over There are nearly 26,000 MBBS seats in government colleges in India and approximately same number of seats in private MBBS colleges in India. Out of these seats, only 15% seats majorly from government and some from private MBBS colleges are filled through All India NEET test ranking, rest all are filled under state level rankings only.
Over and above this major chunk of MBBS seats are booked for direct admissions by private colleges which result in heavy donations ranging from few lacs to even more than 25 lacs and very high MBBS tuition fees of nearly 10-50 lacs per year.
This result in extreme pressure over parents/guardians pocket, which most of the deserving students are not able to meet.
In comparison to India, studying MBBS from Ukraine is far more affordable and academically equivalent. Ukraine whole education system is government monitored and highly subsidized which makes the quality of education always high and very low tuition fees of MBBS in Ukraine.
Ukraine medical colleges are equipped with highly advanced medical equipments and class rooms are equipped with latest educational technologies to provide global standard education to their students. Most of them offer great lodging and canteen facility also. The whole course of 5 years can be completed in mere expenses of around 15-50 lacs i.e just 3 lacs to 10 lacs per year.
Most important part is that there is no entrance exam to take admission in Ukraine Medical Colleges which makes it very easy to apply without any extra pressure of preparation and long wait of results.
MBBS Degrees by Ukraine universities are accepted by all global organizations including MCI. Students passing are eligible to sit in Screening test by MCI and once passed work/practice in India.
Ukraine gives Indian students preference in admission due to political and cultural harmony between two countries. Every college blocks some seats for International students to take admission in there. More over the universities in Ukraine provide an enormous exposure through various international activities and scientific research programs which make students brighter than before.

AIIMS vs O.O Bogomolets National Medical University, which to choose?

AIIMS is considered to best Medical college in India while O.O Bogomolets National Medical University is considered the best in Ukraine. Both are one of the oldest MBBS colleges in India and Ukraine respectively.
AIIMS offers around 120 seats for MBBS course every year in which more than half seats are for reserved classes, this results and absolute competitions between the applicants.
Taking admission in AIIMS is very difficult as every aspirant in India wants to take admission in AIIMS and admissions are taken on basis of entrance test rankings. While on the other hand as O.O Bogomolets National Medical University gives admission on first come and first serve basis as per direction of Ukraine government hence it is comparatively easy to enroll if time not wasted in thinking much.
This is one major point which in which O.O Bogomolets NMU leads AIIMS in priority list.
Due to subsidized education offered tuition fees of O.o Bogomolets is also very affordable in comparison to colleges other than AIIMS.
Other than this O.O Bogomolets has installed all latest and highly advanced medical devices in their clinics and practical halls which make MBBS in O.O Bogomolets National Medical University at par with MBBS in AIIMS. Academically O.O Bogomolets gives more opportunity to students to get indulged in Scientific Researchs and international scientific events and competitions. This makes student get more exposure and gather new information latest in the medical domain.
Students in O.O Bogomolets are given better opportunity to interact with multinational students and hence learn to adopt all kind of situations. This makes it a better choice than AIIMS too.

About Kiev or Kyiv

O.O Bogomolets National Medical University is located in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine. It is also one of the biggest city in the country.
Kiev city is highly developed and has excellent public transportation system making it very convenient to move around places with no hassle. Kiev architecture is very old and has loads of historical buildings. There are many industries around the city and is also a centre of scientific institutions and education for Ukraine.
Residents of the city enjoy a high standard European lifestyle with all facilities from education, health care, shopping and outing options available in the city. Students can enjoy fresh and pollution free environment with farm fresh vegetables and dairy products. As Ukraine has a high value of architecture, the quality of vegetables and food items is excellent which makes it good to eat and healthy to digest.
There are many picturesque locations in and around the city, can be enjoyed by the students living in the country. River Dnieper is one of the major river flowing through the city itself. There are many lakes and ponds as well developed by the government.
For beach loving students this place is heaven as there are more than esthetic beaches and other recreational centres.
The climate in the city is comparatively cooler and more livable for Indian students and temperature ranges from (-) 5 deg to 25 deg centigrade round the year.
Kiev is very safe for foreign nationals as there is no hatred and discrimination on basis of colour, class or ethnic background. Residents of the country are very humble and cooperative in nature, and hence no major crimes happen in the city.

Major attractions to visit in Kiev are

  • Independence Square at City centre
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra
  • Mariyinksky Palace
  • St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Mother Motherland Statue
  • House with Chimaeras
  • Baptizer of Rus’
  • Cylindrical Salut Hotel
  • Eternal Flame
  • Kiev State Historical Museum
  • Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II
  • Museum of Western and Oriental Art
  • National Art Museum
  • National Museum of Russian Art
  • Pinchuk Art Centre
  • Islands around the country
  • Night clubs
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