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MBBS is one of the most difficult courses, but to study MBBS in Georgia is not such a big issue for Indian students. Georgia provides unbeaten medical courses in Europe; it has the best educational infrastructure. Indian students find MBBS study in India as the laborious one, as the students have to qualify entrance examination as well as huge fee structure. Mostly the students get exhausted with such high criteria of getting eligible and endless admission tests. MBBS in Georgia offers courses which bring easy solution to get admitted into such MCI approved medical colleges. Georgia’s MBBS course structure is comparatively less difficult, and the fee structure is affordable by most of the students. The duration of MBBS course in Georgia is of six years. During the last year of the medical course, the college authority offers special coaching programs which help the students to practice medicine back in India.

Medical University in Georgia offers MBBS degree for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate to both International and National students. To take admission in any of the medical universities in Georgia the students are not required giving examinations like TOEFL or IELTS. There is no need of donation or interview to secure a student visa in Georgia for the international students. For the overseas students, the medical universities in Georgia have only a aim that is to provide the best educational facilities to the international students without any difficulties. Another feature which attracts the students mostly to pursue MBBS study in Georgia is its low cost fees structure, and low travel cost. The medical universities have the best infrastructure both for the teaching as well as research purposes. The main goal of these institutions is to build up the best scholastic society available for the students.

About Georgia

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Tbilisi is the largest city as well as the capital of Georgia. Georgia is located supremely in the Caucasus mountains. The Lesser Caucasus runs parallel to the Turkish and Armenian fringes, and the Surami and Imereti ranges, which bringing the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus together. Due to their topographical differences it also brings an exchange of culture and language between these two regions. The villages which are located in the Greater Caucasus ranges, due to the inadequate transportation system remain virtually non-existent during the months of winter. The lives of the people are under the threat of earthquakes and landslides. Kura is the largest river of the country, another notable river which is flowing through the western Georgia is the Rioni River. The engineers use modern techniques to elevate the fertile land into enriched subtropical agricultural land. The official language of Georgia is Georgian and Abkhazian. Apart from these the languages which are used regionally are Mingrelian, Svan and Bats. The official religion of Georgia is Christianity. According to 2017 population census the current number of people staying in this nation state in 37,18,200. The currency of Georgia is Georgian Lari which equates to 26.45 INR.

Why should foreign national (Indian) students apply medicine in Georgia?

To study MBBS in Georgia is one of the best options for Indian students. All the medical colleges are well approved by WHO, UNESCO, and MCI. Due to better educational infrastructure the literacy rate in Georgia is over 91%. Studying MBBS from abroad, or from Europe, Indian students should always select Georgia as the primary option. Low education cost, high quality medical education and safe environment are also the major reasons for choosing Georgia over other European countries. The hospitals of Georgia are full of well equipped machineries which provides the best treatment to the patients, as well as the students can easily practice medicine over there. In case of India, the aspirants have to clear NEET examination to get through, apart from that the student have to incur a huge burden of education loan as the fees structure for MBBS study in India is comparatively high. Around 11-12 lakhs of students apply for NEET, and more than 50% get qualified in the examination, which results in the number of 5.5 lakhs approximately. The total number of colleges including both government and private ones is 476. The number of students who will definitely get the chance of studying MBBS in India is around 60,000 so there will a lot of students who won’t get any chance to take admissions in any colleges in spite of qualifying NEET.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

Study MBBS in Georgia

Study MBBS in Georgia

  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required to study MBBS in Georgia
  • Mode of communication in the medical universities in Georgia is English.
  • The fee structure is comparatively less than other European countries.
  • The medical universities have well experienced faculties who help the students for the MCI screening test.
  • Indian students are not required to sit for any entrance examination only criteria is required is to provide 10+2 marks as well as the students have to qualify NEET exam.
  • Indian as well as Asian foods are easily available over there.
  • Travel expenses are not too high.
  • There is no upper age limit for the applicants.
  • Every year March and September the sessions start for MBBS.
  • Students who are facing any academic gap in between curriculum are also accepted for MBBS courses in Georgia
  • Complete guaranteed visa and no extra fees.
  • After getting the degrees the students are allowed to work anywhere in Europe.
  • Special care is being taken for the MBBS students who are appearing for the screening tests of MCI, PLAB, and USMLE.
  • Fees structure in two installments is also available in the universities.
  • The students are allowed to practice in the hospitals from the first year of MBBS in Georgia.

Hardships of Studying MBBS in Medical Colleges in Georgia

Before studying in Georgia, the students from India should have learnt few disadvantages of studying there. Though Georgia is considered to be one of the most suitable destinations for Indian students to study medical in Europe, but one should better know the other loopholes also :

  • To get admissions in any Georgian universities the students have to go through various documentation processes.
  • Georgian embassy is not so much professional in regarding the visa. They have not promised to provide the visas to the students in a stipulated time. Minimum time required for providing visa is 1-2 months but due to their high unscrupulous work nature in the embassy, the visas get delayed which results in the loss of years to the students. It causes a huge time loss to the student’s career.
  • The educational consultants help the students to complete the admissions assistance till the joining. But there are areas which come directly under the ministry, so there the consultants can’t play such a big role.
  • The parents of the students invest a huge lot of money for the better future of their children, but sometimes it results in the huge loss of the money as well as the time, even though the documentation procedure has been processed thoroughly.
  • The embassy and the university does not work hand in hand, at one moment the university disqualify the students by not getting admission at a particular date as declared by the university, at the same time the embassy does not allow the students to get the visa ready for the country. So it becomes too stressful for the students to handle the situations.

Medical Universities in Georgia

The reputed medical colleges in Georgia which have been well approved by MCI are Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Akaki Tsereteli University, and David Tvildiani Medical University. In all these medical universities the average fees structure is around 4500-6000 USD/year. The minimum duration of the course is 6 years, and the eligibility criteria to get admission to such universities are 50% of marks.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

Some agents give wrong information regarding Georgia, and portray it as a part of European Union. If the candidates are expecting European visa while studying MBBS in Georgia is wrong. Georgia is a disintegrated country of Russia which got its independence in 1991. European union comprises of 28 countries and each nation has its own language, so if the agents are promising to get job in any European countries that is not possible. As well as the Visa process for MBBS in Georgia is little difficult so it takes more than 2 months after submitting all the documents to the embassy.

Eligibility Criteria

To take admissions in any medical universities in Georgia, the student must of 18 years of age in the respective year of admission. He should have passed 10+2 exams or equivalent exams with 50% of marks in PCB and English as one of the compulsory subject.

Required Documents

  • 10 and 10+2 mark sheet and birth certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Passport Size photos with white background
  • Valid Passport
  • Last six month bank statement of the guardian of the candidate
  • Medical certificates with proper reports of HIV and vaccination.

Admission Procedure

To take admission in any medical colleges in Georgia is very simple and easy. The candidates have to fill up the application form without any mistakes with correct details. After receiving the application form, the college authority will send the offer letter to the candidate for MBBS in Georgia. The candidates have to pay the required registration fee. After the completion of fee, the candidates have to apply for the visa.

Assessment of documents before applying for a VISA

We, as the educational consultant, always want the best option for our candidates so that they can avail the best facility in medical universities. Most of the medical universities are approved by MCI, as well as the admission procedure takes place in Georgia at a low cost structure so it will not be a big issue for the families of the candidates.

MBBS Course Description

The entire MBBS course in Georgia is of 360credits. 5 years of course work of MBBS has been divided into 10 semesters which comprises of 300 credits (30 credits each). The last year is the practice demonstration year which consists of 60 credits. All the ten semesters consist of lectures, group work, and practice sessions in hospitals and semester wise examination.

Emergency contacts in Georgia
Fire Brigade 112
Patrol Police 112
Airport Directory 310341, 2310421
Railway station 1331
Public Defender 2234499, 2913814
Hot line of Tbilisi City hall 271 22 22
Tbilisi Directory 118-09
Safety measures in Georgia

According to Global Peace Index Georgia stands at the position of 85, which is ahead of India and USA. Georgia is safer nation for Indian students to study MBBS. Staying and studying in Georgia carry a minimum of risk. So after going from India, the students won’t feel any such kind of risk in Georgia.

Hostel Facilities

All the medical colleges which are approved by MCI, are considered to be the best among Indian students, as it offers good food, education as well as hostel food and facilities. As the students are staying so far from their homeland so it will be a good option for them to stay in such a homely ambience.

Fee structure in rupees at Top Medical Universities in Georgia


MBBS FEE GEORGIA, New Vision University

MBBS FEE GEORGIA, New Vision University

First Year 5000 325000
Second Year 4500 325000
Third Year 4500 325000
Fourth Year 4500 325000
Fifth Year 4500 325000
TOTAL 23000 14,95,000
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, GEORGIA

MBBS FEE GEORGIA, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

First Year 6000 * 3,90,000* 1000 65000
Second Year 6000 3,90,000 1000 65,000
Third Year 6000 3,90,000 1000 65,000
Fourth Year 6000 3,90,000 1000 65,000
Fifth Year 6000 3,90,000 1000 65,000
Total 30,000 19,50,000 5000 325,000
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