Study MBBS in Ukraine for Indain Students
Study MBBS in Ukraine
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MCI approved medical universities in Ukraine has been an attraction for Indian students. Low cost MBBS in Ukraine with internationally accepted MBBS degree makes Ukraine MBBS best choice for Indian students.

About MBBS in Ukraine

Since decades Ukraine has been one of the favourite spots for international students to study Medicine in Ukraine; this is due to the fact that MBBS is Ukraine is highly advanced and MBBS universities in Ukraine have highly skilled teaching staffs. Ukraine records the highest number of admission of international and Indian students in MBBS colleges in Ukraine after Russia. Some of the best medical universities of Ukraine are ranked among top MBBS universities of the world.

Indian students in Ukraine get the pleasure to live in the homely and safe environment due to the social and political stature of both the countries. MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students is also very beneficial as fees of MBBS in Ukraine are very low as compared to MBBS universities in India and on the other hand Medical Universities in Ukraine are globally recognized and their degrees are accepted world-wide, this makes it easy for Indian students to work and settle abroad too. Students are also offered to work in various hospitals, research institutions in Ukraine also, hence Indian doctors in Ukraine enjoy living European lifestyle with a high standard of living.

Why study MBBS in Ukraine? Is MBBS degree from Ukraine accepted globally?

MBBS Study in Ukraine is being suggested by all leading educational consultants also, this is due the following facts –

  • MBBS fees in Ukraine is very low as compared to Indian colleges
  • High standard of education in Ukraine
  • MBBS degree from Ukraine is globally accepted
  • Students successfully passing Degree in Medicine from Ukraine are eligible for MCI Screening Test
  • No Entrance Test in Ukraine
  • Quality facilities are offered in low cost of living in Ukraine
  • Indians are treated fairly and equal in Ukraine as there is no discrimination in Ukraine
  • Fair opportunity to get MBBS jobs in Ukraine and live European standard of living
  • Similar kind of climate and geography of Ukraine to India makes it easy to adapt

There has been significant growth of Indian students going to Ukraine for MBBS. This is due to the reason that medical seats in Indian government colleges is very less and nearly all private medical colleges in India offers the Medical course in very heavy fees. In comparison to India, top MBBS universities in Ukraine offers low MBBS fees hence cost of doing MBBS from Ukraine is very less.

Ukraine medical colleges are equipped with latest educational equipment, laboratories and skilled scientists and teachers to offer international standard education. Bologna system has been adopted by  MBBS universities in Ukraine to match European standards of education. Many students from Europe also visit Ukraine to study MBBS.

Universities in Ukraine are considered to provide the cheapest education with highest quality.

Where to study MBBS in Ukraine?

Most of the top MBBS colleges are present in western part of Ukraine. Though there is no need of entrance exam and no IELTS score is required for admission in MBBS in Ukraine. It may not be the best idea to study in many cheap Ukraine MBBS colleges. Many of these colleges may not offer a safe and secure environment for study and stay. But the quality of education relatively remains same as it is widely monitored by the government.

Hence it is advisable to check with educational consultants regarding the staying arrangements and quality of education of college before taking any decision. Extremely cheap colleges in Ukraine may not offer lodging facility at all. Though Ukraine offers cheap medical education, most of the university provide hostels and apartments at very low cost. Indian students are also offered Indian food in Ukraine, which makes it easy for students to stay in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine vs MBBS in India! What to choose?

The lower number of medical seats in India results in great competition among MBBS aspirants. Moreover, the tough combined medical entrance test and higher fees of private college make it too difficult to study MBBS in India. Ukraine MBBS colleges offer MCI approved degree and quality education at low tuition fees. The basic education cost in Ukraine is very less as compared to India.

Ukraine medical schools offer seats on first come and first serve basis, there is no entrance test for MBBS in Ukraine. Moreover, unlike Indian private colleges, there are no paid / donations required for enrollment in MBBS programs.

Some of the top medical colleges in Ukraine are more than 70 years old. And all MBBS colleges in Ukraine offer MBBS course in the English language for international students. Indian students passing medicine programs from Ukraine have the choice to stay back in Ukraine and practice there. Those who want to come back to India are allowed to sit in MCI Screening test and upon passing may serve any organization in India.

Ukraine MBBS degrees are valid across the world and students passing from Ukrainian Medical colleges are allowed to sit in PLAB, USMLE and other screening tests apart of MCI.  Hence MBBS degree from Ukraine is accepted by all major organizations including WHO, FAIMER etc. Students get the opportunity to work globally also.

A major factor which makes Ukraine a better choice is that MBBS universities in Ukraine offers Bologna system of education to make their education acceptable in Europe and other countries.

How to take admission in MBBS colleges in Ukraine?

Admission procedure of Medical colleges in Ukraine is very simple. Interested students may reach our educational councillor at the given contact number or email id. Our highly qualified team helps you search the best MBBS college in Ukraine which suits your requirement. At next step, you just need to fill the form and leave everything else on us. Our team will help you reserve your seat in the college and get an invitation letter. Then we apply for the visa and make required travel arrangements for safer transfers.

Our team will make admission procedure and your journey to college hassle free.

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