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Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy - MBBS in Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy - MBBS in Ukraine

History –

Earlier known as Ekaterynoslavsky Higher Female Courses Institute, the academy was founded in the year 1916. In the year 1920, the institute swimming to State Academy which was later in 1994 again accredited by Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine as Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy is being headed by and renowned Academician of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine – Mr G.V. Dzyak. Academy has till now trained around 50000 doctors including general medicine, dentists, pharmacists and nurses till its inception. Scientists of the academy are always invited in international congresses and symposia. In last 5 years, more than 165 master’s theses and the  doctoral has been defended by Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy. More than 265 patents are in the name of Academy and have even published 516 articles internationally and more than 6500 within the country.

The scientific journals – “Medical Perspectives”, “Urology” and “dermatovenereology, cosmetology, sexual pathology” are being printed by the Academy itself.

The DSMA has been built over 85 hectares of landscape area occupying total 52000 square meters of area. The academic block consists of more than 600 classrooms, laboratories, library with electronic devices, offices, techno centres and museums etc. The academy has clinical departments in more than 25 hospitals in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, the count of clinics is more than 40 in numbers. More than 15000 beds are being monitored under the clinics of the academy in these hospitals. University has employed more than 1100 staff members out of which there are more than 600 teachers for imparting quality education in various departments. Academy has specialised well-qualified teaching staffs which include around 350 Candidates of Medical Science, around 100 Doctors of Medical Science, and many others workers of Science and technology, workers of higher educational and public education of Ukraine, doctors of Ukraine and members of International scientific society etc.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy has a total of 7 hostels in its campus built over 46000 square meters of area. The total capacity of these hostels exceeds 2800 students.  Various extra-curricular facilities like sanatorium, vivarium is also present in the campus. There is a sports complex also with fitness rooms, shooting gallery, swimmining pool, and other games like table tennis, wrestling and lawn tennis courts.

DSMA has a total strength of more than 4500 students among which there are around 700 foreign students in the campus. It has trained more than 1000 foreign students till now. From more than 35 countries students visit the academy to study and get specialized degree. Some of the major countries from where the academy sees the students ar India, Pakistan, Jordan, Nigeria, China, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, and Ghana.

Ministry of education and health of Ukraine has accredited Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) with level IV of accreditation which is highest among all universities in Ukraine. Two scientific medical journals “Ekaterynoslavsky Medical Journal” and “New Surgical Archive” were edited by the academy in the year 1992.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) provides modern technical and methodological bases for scientific activities and researches in the campus.

The Academy focuses majorly on the following points while imparting the education:

  • Evolution and development of technologies for progression of hypertension
  • Development of methodologies and drugs for prevention and treatment of perinatal HIV infections.
  • Developing new ways for prevention and treatment of bladder cancer and prostate cancer
  • Treatment methodologies of cerebrovascular disease, orthopaedic disease and injuries in the musculoskeletal system.

Various Faculties under the Academy are –

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Education
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Management of Public Heath
  • Preparatory faculty of Foreign Citizens
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