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Odessa National Medical University - MBBS Ukraine
Odessa National Medical University - MBBS Ukraine

History –

The university was established in the year 1900. Odessa National Medical University is a member of Medical Education In Europe (MEDINE). It is the only university in Ukraine which is the member of MEDINE. Being a member of MEDINE certifies that the university is providing the quality of education as per the standard of European guidelines in European Medical Education.
Odessa National Medical University started the education in English medium in the year 1996 and become the first university to impart education in English medium in Ukraine. University was also awarded a medal in the year 2005 by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for taking initiative for starting MBBS courses in the English language in Ukraine.
University has trained more than 90000 doctors in their more than a century time frame. The doctors are being trained in specialised fields and have been working in major government institutions and private organisations. University has trained more than 700 PhD Doctors and 4000 Candidate of Science. Among these professionals, more than 200 foreign students have also graduated from the MBBS University in Ukraine.
Highly specialised medical departments and scientific research centres have been established by the university. These departments and centres include Clinical Research Institute of Biophysics, Dental Clinic, Multidisciplinary University Clinic, Research Institute of Molecular-Genetics and Cellular Medicine. With the approval of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the university has also created the diagnostic centres of Cardio hematology, Eye Microsurgery, Synthesis, Pediatric Cardiology, Endoscopy, Toxicology, Laser Surgery etc.
Odessa National Medical University also publishes many scientific journals, manuals and other books written by the scientists in the university. These materials are being published their in-house printing complex. Till now more than 205,000 copies of more than 170 titles are in circulation all over the Europe and other countries.
The University clinics are equipped with highly advance technical machines and instruments for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Some of the latest equipments are used for endoscopy, laparoscopy, transplantology, tissue therapy and genetic medicine. It is believed that Odessa National Medical University in Ukraine has the most advanced physical infrastructure for both medical treatment and medical education in Ukraine.
University also has a computer park with around 700 latest technology computers for staffs and students. These computers have readily configured internet access and have all required softwares which can be used anytime by students for their study or research purposes. Apart of it, they have an enormous library with more than 1100 seating capacity with computer rooms also. This library has some of the best collections of international journals and researches available for students. The computer rooms in the library can be used to use the electronic contents and researches.
To meet the European level of education, Bologna system curriculum has been adopted by Odessa National Medical University which is accredited by Ministry of Health of Ukraine also. The salient features provided under this system are remote learning method, balances fundamental, system independent expert assessment of student learning and credit based module system. Due to a high number of foreign students interested in studying in this MBBS university in Ukraine. ONMU gives education in English also apart of Russian and Ukrainian languages.
The Odessa National Medical University has been built over 28000 square meters of area and consists of 12 academic blocks, scientific laboratories, and more than 600 classrooms. The hostel facility present in the campus can accommodate more than 3000 students at a time. The hostel is fitted with all modern amenities for students to relax and study in the comfortable medium.
It must be noted that more than 9000 students have already graduated from the university which consists of 8 faculties, 45 clinical departments and 58 theoretical departments. Among these around 2000 foreign students have graduated with doctors degree. Students from more than 50 countries visit the Odessa National Medical University to take a quality education and make a career.  Around 250 foreign students live and study on the university campus at all time for MBBS in Ukraine.
University has hired more than 100 professors and 400 PhD associate professors having experience and expertise in various specialities. University also has more than 20 Academicians of state academics of Ukraine, around 40 members of foreign academics and honoured workers of science and technology of Ukraine; it also has around 10 professors who are the winner of many international and state level competitions and programs.
In comparison to any other MBBS university in Europe or USSR, ONMU has the highest number of academicians. This makes ONMU the better choice for MBBS from Ukraine.  More over Odessa National Medical University is the oldest MBBS University in Ukraine. It is one of the top MBBS University in Ukraine. It is also the largest MBBS university of Ukraine and has an immense contribution towards the medical advancement and development of new scientific researches in Ukrainian Medicine.
The university is fully governed by the state and follows the directions as per approval of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The degree of the university is not fully acknowledged and accepted globally for foreign students as well as per the guidelines by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Other international institutions which accept the degree from ONMU are IMED (International Medical Education Directory), Medical Council of Canada, ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) and IMC (Indian Medical Council).  Students from all over the world visit the campus to study and get specialisation in various MBBS courses in Odessa National Medical University. Some of these countries are India, Nepal, USA, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, China, Norway, Kuwait, and Sweden.

SADC Council, World Health Organisation (WHO), European Council of Medicine, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Indian Medical Council (IMC), General Medical Council of UK also recognises the degree from ONMU. In Southern African Countries, students graduating from Odessa National Medical University can directly work without giving any test.
More than 80,000 doctors including 10,000 international students have been graduated from the university.  University has tie-up and collaboration with many scientific institutions as well for various scientific researches, exchange programs and events. Some of the major partners are The Cambridge University, New York Medical Centre, Ukrainian Medical Society in Canada, The Poland Medical Academy, Clinics of Urgent Medicine in Germany and The Virden University.
Odessa National Medical University also has many medical departments and diagnostic centres, some of these are Multidisciplinary University Clinic,  Dental Clinic, Research Institute of Molecular-Generics and Cellular Medicine, Clinical Research Institute of Biophysics, Cardiohematology centre, Toxicology centre, Eye Microsurgery Centre, Endoscopy and Laser Surgery centre.

MBBS Courses in Odessa National Medical University are –

  • Medical Faculty –
    • General Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Social and Political Science and Social Services
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Postgraduate
  • International Faculty
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