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Poltava National Medical University - MBBS Ukraine
Poltava National Medical University - MBBS Ukraine

History –

Kharkiv Medical Academy established and odontology department in the year 1921 with the name of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Later in the year 1967, the academy was shifted to Poltava city and was renamed to Poltava Medical Dental Institute.
After the years of progress and the results of the institute by implementing the advanced study methodology and hiring quality teaching staffs, the institute was finally accredited with Level IV accreditation in the year 1994. Now the institute was again renamed to Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy also called Poltava National Medical University.
Poltava National Medical University has been contributing to many higher education programs around the world for UNESCO and UN. Poltava National Medical University is a member of UNESCO and UN. University performs this duty with the help and direction of the Ukrainian government in developing the medical facility and personnel in developing countries. University trains international students in various medical specialities so that trained doctors may help in the advancement of the medical facility in their country.
University has been giving the world best dentists trained to the level of excellence. More than 28,700 students have been trained by the Ukrainian Medical Stomatology Academy in the field of dentistry. Around 14,000 other medical professionals have also been trained by the university in fields of speciality doctors and other medical staffs. From about 46 countries more than 750 foreign students reside in the campus to study different medical specialities in the university.
Degree from this university in Ukraine is being accepted across all the countries and all the organisations. The specialised doctors passed from the university are considered at par with any other top medical institutes. Education in the university is being directed by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Foreign nationals coming to study in the university are been given a special care. Students are given a best available technological assistance and facilities. Students are provided with all facilities like library, classrooms, reading rooms, clinical training. Foreign students are also indulged in sports and cultural events conducted on campus to ease the pressure of study.
Poltava National Medical University is one of the favourite university for foreign universities to study. Around 8000 foreign nationals have already graduated from the university in various programs.
Institute of Medical Family Problems and Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics are 2 scientific research institutes under the academy. Many critical operations like open-heart surgeries with artificial blood circulation, extra corporal blood purification and kidney transplantations are all carried out in the clinics under the university which is outfitted with latest equipments. The university has more than 6000 beds under it observation in various provincial and municipal hospitals. Students are allowed to visit the hospitals for training and internship purposes.
The academy has been established in vast are of 29600 square meters and have a huge collection of more than 360,000 volumes of journals, text books and researches in its electronic library.

Academy has constructed dormitories in around 12000 square meters of area for comfortable stay of students in the campus. Various other facilities like gyms, restaurants and sports complex is available for students anytime.

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